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Colon H​ydrotherapy

$115.00 per session

This cleansing technique helps to clear and manage waste build up in the body supporting the skin, lungs, kidneys and liver. Using a FDA approved Dotolo closed system, triple filtered water and disposable speculums, our sessions are gentle and relaxing with your highly skilled, I-ACT certified practitioner with 18 plus years of experience present at all times.

Reiki...Coming Soon

Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath

Per Session


Cary location Only

This therapy helps detox and relax the body, it ionizes the water molecules and these ions act like billions of tiny magnets that help draw toxins from the body. This process will continue for 3 to 5 days after your session.

Nourishing the Body

Over the years, the biggest question I get is "what should I eat?"

When you choose the Philosophy of Regeneration as your goal, 

you'll want to nourish the entire body as a whole,

rather than just the parts you think are weak or out of balance, because each body system affects the others.

We aim to restore this balance, through putting in Nourishment and taking out Toxins and other wastes.

Even if you eat a clean diet of all organic foods, we are still missing out on so much.

I highly suggest to everyone Sunrider Foods, it fills in the gaps and feeds the body at a cellular level, 

helping to bring balance to the body and all 5 of it's systems.

Based on over five thousand years of knowledge, Chinese physicians believed that instead of

 taking medicine to help cure a health problem, one should instead 

eat the proper combination of foods to prevent the body from getting sick. 

The physician was paid to keep his patients well, if they became sick, 

payments would cease until he got them well again!

If the Emperor died his physician was buried with him. 

Adding these foods will greatly support your body in regenerating healthy cells

so you can maintain better health.

This is a great complement to all of the services we offer at Alive and Well.



                                                               to Relax,

                                                                Let Go,

                                                                          & Restore



Cary (Mon-Fri) 919-380-0023

Cancellation Policy


We will endeavor to book your treatment at the best suitable time and date convenient for you. We enforce a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so within 24 hours in order to avoid the full rate penalty. Each appointment is booked for an hour.

What our clients are saying

Juliette had me feeling comfortable the moment we met. 

Her continuous communication throughout the entire process was very thorough.

Steve H.

I have had a recurring blockage in my digestive system that bothered me off and on for years and none of my health care providers could help me with it. 

Juliette was able to help me out and really went the extra mile in making sure that my issues were resolved and then gave me some great education on how to get ahead of these issues in the future.

Thank you so much Juliette!

Joe L.